Robert Bentley

Bentley has served on the Education Appropriations Committee, the Boards and Commissions Committee, the Agriculture and…


Kay Ivey

Kay Ivey is the second person since the 1870s, and the only woman ever, to be elected as a Republican to the post of Alabama…


Luther Strange

Luther Strange was elected Alabama's 49th Attorney General on November 2, 2010.


Young Boozer

Young Boozer served as Deputy Finance Director for Governor Bob Riley. He worked as a Financial Executive at major firms…


Beth Chapman

Secretary of State Beth Chapman was elected  Alabama's 51st Secretary of State in November of 2006 after being elected…


Ben Brooks

Ben Brooks is a Republican Alabama State Senator for District 35, Mobile County.


Vivian Davis Figures

Vivian Davis Figures is a Democratic Alabama State Senator for District 33, Mobile County.


Rusty Glover

Rusty Glover is a Republican Alabama State Senator District 34, Mobile County.


Marc Keahy

Marc Keahy is a Democratic Alabama State Senator for District 22, consisting of Baldwin, Choctaw, Clarke, Conecuh, Escambia,…


Tripp Pittman

Tripp Pittman is a Republican Alabama State Senator for District 32, Baldwin County.

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Alabama Politics

Byrne: NSA curbs needed
Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL) said there's a need to curb domestic surveillance by the NSA.

Byrne: Snapper rules "don't make sense"
Alabama Rep. Bradley Byrne says the current restrictions on red snapper fishing in the Gulf of Mexico "don't make sense"…

Ala. Governor Bentley's campaign saw gains…
For Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, 2013 was the year his administration's numbers headed in the right direction and set up…

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Supreme Court News

Supreme Court refuses to delay release…
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The U.S. Supreme Court has cleared the way for the early release of nearly 10,000 California inmates…

NC challenges Alcoa's property rights for…
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina officials filed a lawsuit Friday in a long-running fight with Alcoa Inc. over who…

Fla. to resume voter purge after high court…
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — A federal court is dismissing a lawsuit that a Hispanic civic group and two naturalized citizens…

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Blog: Campaign Curiosities

Fun with voting, part 2
Back on Election Day, I told you about the problem I had when I went to vote.. I’m just glad I didn’t need my…

“You say I already voted?”
I got a shock when I handed over my driver’s license to election officials this morning, only to find out I had already…

Former Ala. gubernatorial candidate donated…
A former Alabama gubernatorial candidate and staunch opponent of gay marriage has reportedly been donating sperm to women…

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Alabama (change)

Known as the “Heart of Dixie,” Alabama has a population of over 4.6 million residents. Montgomery is the capital city. Other major cities include Birmingham, Mobile, and Huntsville.
Offices & Officials

Governor: Robert Bentley
Lieutenant Governor: Kay Ivey
Attorney General: Luther Strange
State Treasurer: Young Boozer
Secretary of State: Beth Chapman

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