Amendment 1


Extends the state's Forever Wild land preservation program for 20 years.


Amendment 2


Allows the state to sell more bonds to get money to offer industries to build or expand plants in Alabama.


Amendment 3


Makes the small Baldwin County community of Stockton a landmark district to protect it against annexation from a nearby town.


Amendment 4


Removes segregationist language from the Alabama Constitution about separating schools by race and paying poll taxes.


Amendment 5


Approves the transfer of assets and liabilities from the Prichard Water Works to the Mobile Area Water and Sewer System.


Amendment 6


Seeks to undercut the federal Affordable Care Act by prohibiting anyone from being compelled to participate in any health care plan.


Amendment 7


Provides that unions can only be organized by secret ballot rather than by employees signing a card.


Amendment 8


Revises the Legislature's pay plan to base compensation on Alabama's median household income.


Amendment 9


Proposing an amendment to the private corporation provisions of Article 12 of the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to become effective January 1, 2014, to continue the authority of the Legislature to pass general laws…


Amendment 10


Updates the Constitution's 1901 article on corporations to reflect the many types of corporations that exist today.

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Alabama Politics

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Alabama (change)

Known as the “Heart of Dixie,” Alabama has a population of over 4.6 million residents. Montgomery is the capital city. Other major cities include Birmingham, Mobile, and Huntsville.
Offices & Officials

Governor: Robert Bentley
Lieutenant Governor: Kay Ivey
Attorney General: Luther Strange
State Treasurer: Young Boozer
Secretary of State: Beth Chapman